The investment opportunity

With a reliable partner, invest in assets crucial to the future of technological innovation


A reliable partner, Norge Mining aims to build value for its shareholders. We will offer long-term opportunities at an attractive investment level, with significant upside compared to peers. Potential to invest in projects with this type and size of asset combination, infrastructure and location is very rare.

Why Norway?

Norway is, politically and economically, one of the most stable and developed countries in the world.

It’s thought to be sitting on a large area of untapped mineral deposits, according to in-situ studies from the Norwegian Geological Institute (NGU) and SRK – that’s carried out a Competent Persons Report and an ESG risk assessment on our behalf.


High-demand minerals

Our sites are rich in four minerals facing high worldwide demand: vanadium, phosphates, titanium and gold.


Government boost

The Norwegian government itself is fostering the mining industry, to compensate for the anticipated decline in oil and gas revenues. Norway has lagged behind its Scandinavian neighbours in mining – Sweden and Finland – despite having the same geology. The geographical area of our mines allows quick and easy development and low shipping costs.


European trade

While not a member of the European Union, Norway has access to European markets and relies heavily on trade with its neighbours – secured by its participation in the European Economic Zone and Schengen area.

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