How we contribute to our community

Making sure that we’re being a good neighbour and how to get in touch if you have problem


Being a good neighbour

Norge Mining has already held numerous consultations with communities close to its licences and planned operations. We are speaking to council members, local suppliers, landowners and farmers. we will continue to have an open-door policy with all of these groups when it comes to any project developments or milestones.

Community consultation

We are committed to ongoing consultations with all neighbourhoods in the upcoming months and years ahead and are investing in pioneering software to handle any problems immediately, at any time. We also have a full grievance procedure in place should the need ever arise.


Inward employment and investment

We consider our exploration and sourcing of high-demand minerals in Norway as an opportunity to boost the economy and provide new jobs. Norway itself has developed a national strategy for the minerals industry; regional plans have been designed to prioritise new industries and attract inward employment and investment.



“Growth in the industry shall be strengthened by means of a continued commitment to mapping of mineral deposits, access to information about mineral resources in Norway, better resource planning, a continued development of the mineral agencies and access to knowledge and a competent workforce.”

How we handle complaints

Norge Mining takes any criticisms or controversies very seriously. We are developing software that means people can get in touch with us immediately and around the clock. We also have a full grievance strategy in place for thoroughly dealing with complaints.

Our grievance procedure

Grievances should be receivable by email and/or in writing to one of the postal addresses below and recorded in SHEDS.


Registered Office (UK)
The Annexe, The Gables, Potters Green, Ware,
Herfordshire, SGI2 0JU United Kingdom
Company Registration Number: 11703765
E uk.office@norgemining.com
T +44 20 3290 6634

Norway Office
TEØK AS, Holtet 45, 1368 Stabekk, Kingdom of Norway
E office@norgemining.com
T +47 952 55 835