Sourcing minerals for a more
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Investigating EU Critical Raw Material Vanadium

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Our vision

Norge Mining has a clear vision: to operate the most ecologically, socially and sustainable mine for Critical Raw Materials vanadium, phosphate and titanium. In this way, we want to create a lasting impact by contributing to a more sustainable future that global citizens are clamouring for.

Our focus & priorities

This is a nascent industry in Norway, a country that is sitting on large, untapped mineral deposits, according to investigations so far. We are focusing our efforts on three high worldwide demand resources: vanadium, phosphate and titanium.

Considerate mining is at the core of our business model – in collaboration and constant communication with local neighbourhoods. Using innovation and technology, we aim to minimise any environmental impact. What’s more, some of the minerals we are sourcing will greatly contribute to a more sustainable global future.

Our evidence

Securing a stable, domestic region for developing these much-needed resources is not just our vision; the European Union has officially named vanadium, phosphate and titanium as ‘Critical Raw Materials’ (2020). That means they’re economically and strategically important for European economies, but have a high supply risk.

Our investors

A reliable partner, Norge Mining aims to build value for its shareholders. We will offer long-term opportunities at an attractive investment level, with significant upside. Norway is, politically and environmentally, one of the most stable and developed countries in the world and its government is strongly fostering the mining industry.

NORWEGIAN GEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE (NGU): “Ilmenite and vanadium in the Bjerkreim-Sokndal intrusion, together, constitute a world-class resource.”

Our team

Our team is made up of mining industry stalwarts, technology enablers, business growth experts and local entrepreneurs. We are excited by the huge potential that lies ahead and believe we are on the precipice of something truly great.

  • Board of Directors
  • Board of Advisors
Oliver A. Baring

Oliver A. Baring is an industry mover and shaker, who brings with him a vast heritage of global mining experience. He was a member of the advisory council at both Sentient Group and a US$2 billion mining private equity fund. He’s held Chairman roles at First Africa Group and Mwana Africa PLC, and was previously a Partner at Rowe & Pitman and Managing Director of UBS Warburg Mining Group worldwide. Oliver started out in the industry at Anglo American/De Beers Group. – Senior Independent Non-Executive Director: Ferrexpo PLC (2007-2016) – Advisory Council: Sentient Group Advisory Council (2001-2016) – Advisory Council: US$2 billion mining private equity fund – Chairman: Mwana Africa PLC (2005-2012). – Chairman: First Africa Group (2001) – Partner: Rowe & Pitman (1974-1986) – Managing Director: UBS Warburg Mining Group (1986-2001) – Anglo-American Corp/ De Beers Group

John Vergopoulos

John Vergopoulos brings decisive, hands-on leadership to Norge Mining, as well as an international financial ‘black book’ and years of experience in the mineral resources sector. He has a strong fundraising track record in capital, private equity and syndicated loan markets. He’s been an SME Board Director and a CEO and CFO for various publicly traded corporations in the tech and mineral resources industries. Over the years, John’s been in charge of dealing with government institutions throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. He started out his career as a chartered accountant in Deloitte’s London Audit Department.

Bert Nacken
Non-Executive Director

Dr. L.J.G. (Bert) Nacken obtained a PhD in Natural Science at the RWTH Aachen University (Germany). He joined Billiton/Shell in the Netherlands as a research metallurgist. Between 1980 to 2011 he worked globally in various senior roles at Billiton and then BHP in a number of commodities such as Gold, Nickel, Copper, Titanium and Iron Ore. He was President of the Cerro Matoso Ferro-Nickel mining and smelting operation in Colombia (1997-2001), COO of Nickel Operations Americas, Country Manager Colombia (2002-2004), President of the Minera Escondida Copper mine in Chile (2004-2007), Vice President of Resource and Business Optimisation in the BHP corporate office in Melbourne (2007 – 2009) and Chief Operating Officer of BHP Western Australia Iron Ore (2009-2011). Subsequently he ran his own Mining Consultancy firm from 2012 till 2018. Bert served as an Independent Non-Executive Director of Ferrexpo PLC from 2014 till 2019.

Committees of the Board: Remuneration (Chair), Audit (Member)

Mike Hirschfield

Mike has served on the boards of a number of listed companies. In 1997, he incorporated his own private business to provide advice and support to a variety of AIM and main market listed companies. He started out his career as a qualified chartered accountant with KPMG, specialising in corporate finance. Mike is a graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde
Non-Executive Director

Ingvil brings an exceptional level of experience to Norge Mining’s Board as a Non-Executive Director. A representative of the Norwegian Progress Party (FrP) and the former Deputy Minister in the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, she will be a guiding light as the country explores its exciting economic next steps. Ingvil was also the Minister of Public Security in the Ministry of Justice and Public Security from January 2019 until January 2020. And she previously worked as a Senior Adviser in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in oil and gas management positions at Innovation Norway.

Committees of the Board: Remuneration (Member) & ESG (Chair)

Bente Hagem
Non-Executive Director

Bente has a broad experience from Nordic and European energy business. Her carrier includes leading positions in Nortura, Equinor and Statnett (the Norwegian transmission system operator for electricity) where she was executive vice president for 14 years. Bente has been a chair of the board of ENTSO-E (an EU organization for transmission system operators in Brussels), chair of the board of Nord Pool Spot and a member of several other boards. Following Statnett, Bente worked for the EU Commission in Brussels, advising on the transition to sustainable energy.

Committees of the Board: Audit (Chair)

John Vergopoulos

John Vergopoulos brings decisive, hands-on leadership to Norge Mining, as well as an international financial ‘black book’ and years of experience in the mineral resources sector. He has a strong fundraising track record in capital, private equity and syndicated loan markets. He’s been an SME Board Director and a CEO and CFO for various publicly traded corporations in the tech and mineral resources industries. Over the years, John’s been in charge of dealing with government institutions throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. He started out his career as a chartered accountant in Deloitte’s London Audit Department.

Michael Wurmser

An astute economist, geostrategist and entrepreneur, Michael is the founder of Norge Mining and advises on finance and geostrategic direction. Michael has worked for Citibank Zurich, and has held a prestigious array of senior positions at multinational financial institutions in New York and Frankfurt. Previously, in the early 2000s, he was mandated by various governments, finance ministries and state banks in Eastern Europe and Asia to help settle sovereign debts. Over the years, Michael has advised on structured financing for companies in the natural resources, commodities and mining sectors in the Middle East and Mongolia as well as in the US.

Mike Hirschfield

Mike has served on the boards of a number of listed companies. In 1997, he incorporated his own private business to provide advice and support to a variety of AIM and main market listed companies. He started out his career as a qualified chartered accountant with KPMG, specialising in corporate finance. Mike is a graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Kristian Bader
Operations Adviser

Kristian Bader has extensive experience as Operations Adviser, most of which he gained as line manager and project manager in companies in the financial and technological industries. Kristian has furthermore founded and built up various companies. His strengths lie in the analysis, conception and implementation of organizational structures and processes and in the strategic development of these. He is also passionate about developments in the fields of technology, digitization and automation. Kristian has a Doctorate in Business Administration and holds Executive Master’s degrees in Business Law and Art Market Studies.

Tim Galusky
Project Director

Tim Galusky has more than 25 years’ experience steering large capital mining projects – predominantly in copper, cobalt, molybdenum, and gold. He’s managed and directed greenfield and expansion projects for Freeport-McMoRan in Chile, DRC Africa, Peru, and the United States. And he’s spearheaded the formation of URS Corporation’s mining EPCM projects division, while building up relationships with US clients. Before joining the Norge Mining team as Project Director, he led the engineering and construction of a gold leach project in northern Argentina, and for Equinox Gold Corporation in Mexico. We welcome his critical insight into the increasingly important environmental, sustainability and social responsibility aspects of modern mineral exploration.

Monika Øksnes
Interim Managing Director, Norge Mineraler AS

Monika has a master’s degree in geology and started her career in Norge Mineraler AS as Camp Manager, June 2020, at the ongoing project in the municipalities Eigersund, Bjerkreim, Lund and Hå. Over a short period of time, she has acquired increased responsibility and now holds the title Chief Operating Officer. She is responsible for leading the ongoing exploration for Norge Mineraler AS, associated personnel, as well as the interaction and dialogue with the project’s various stakeholders. Monika is committed to finding good solutions that several can benefit from and ensuring a good working environment, where there is opportunity to develop professionally and personally.

Frank Blom
Project Manager

After graduating as Msc Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University in Delft, Frank started his career in 1981 with Shell/Billiton (now BHP) as Project Engineer. He worked on various JV projects for the Aluminium division in Australia, Brazil and Suriname. Subsequently he was appointed as Project Director for the Cerro Matoso Expansion project in the Nickel division in Colombia. Thereafter Frank moved to The Netherlands as COO of Dutch offshore Oil and Gas company Allseas. In 2003 Frank joined Billiton Suriname and later he became Project Director South America for the BHP Aluminium division overseeing projects in Brazil and Suriname. In 2008 Frank became Managing Director in Suriname with the task to lead BHP’s exit from the country. As Aluminium Integration Manager Frank lead numerous Due Diligence and Internal Peer Reviews before joining BHP Iron Ore in 2010 as London based CEO of the SMFG JV and Project Director of the Nimba Iron project in Africa. Since 2016 Frank has worked as an independent consultant. He also lectures occasionally at the Technical University of Delft on Project Management.

Jenny Kvilhaug Tuen
CFO Norge Mineraler AS

In February 2021, Jenny became part of the Norway Mining team as the CFO in Norge Mineraler. She has a MSc business and administration with a specialization in finance from the University of Stavanger. Despite her young age, Jenny has already gained good and varied experience in similar roles. She is committed and passionate about streamlining and digitizing in her field. Jenny will be responsible for the financial reporting, financial management and facility management in related to the project in Dalane and Hå. Jenny’s workplace is in Egersund.

Marco Keersemaker
Mining and Validation Manager

From exploration to closure, Marco Keersemaker has more than 25 years’ experience in all aspects of mining, spanning a huge range of commodities. With responsibility for resource modelling, mine planning and design, operations, cost/ NPV modelling and benchmarking, the hands-on experience Marco brings to Norge Mining as Mine and Techno-Economic Modelling Manager is impressive. A former site and mine manager, he’s in tune with world-class standards in Health and Safety and operations. Among many others, he’s worked for BHP Billiton on projects in Guinea and Suriname. More recently, he’s been consulting for Aluminpro and teaching at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

Erik Joa
Community Liaison Officer

Erik Joa holds a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Sciences and Engineering. He brings to Norge Mining comprehensive management experience from various positions within different sectors, including the global mining equipment industry. He has a wide field of interests, such as in nature and landscape. With strong engagement, integrity and a holistic approach, he always searches for the best win/win solutions. In the interest of all stakeholders, Erik will be at the forefront of Norge Mining’s communications with the Norwegian community – a hugely important role, given our commitment to transparency and good dialogue.

Frank Plantenberg
Business Development Manager

Frank graduated in Chemical Engineering, MSc, at the Technical University of Delft. He worked 35 years in the metals and mining industry, moving from R&D responsibilities  at the Alcoa Technical Center in Pittsburgh to processing, operational management and general management roles at BHP Billiton.

Frank was MD of the companies Gallium JV in Germany, VP business development of the Aluminium division, Director Operations of the companies Brazilian Aluminium division, MD of the operations in Surinam and COO South America of the Aluminium division. In the latter roles Frank did lead a number of acquisition, operational merger and divestment initiatives for the company.

Albina Khairullina
Project Manager

Albina has a data science background with a focus on strategy and technology. She is an experienced consultant and strategy advisor for multi-national companies across different industries.

She is experienced in company’s asset valuations, IP strategies and business model innovations. Albina co-founded a Swiss-based company serving banks and credit institutions.

Also, she pursues her academic passion as a Researcher at Imperial College London. Albina holds a Master’s degree from University of Lausanne and Doctorate degree in Technology Management from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

Sacha Lifschitz
Marketing Adviser

Sacha Lifschitz has studied business administration with a focus on strategy & organisation as well as finance at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He has started his career in 1999 at the commodity trading and mining house Glencore in Baar, Switzerland. For more than a decade he has worked as a trader in the nickel department. He has been in charge of handling worldwide customers and suppliers and has, among others, developed new markets, both geographically as well as product specific, and managed and further developed the existing customer base. Since 2012 he is working both as an independent consultant and as an investor. On the one hand he has his own business consulting company servicing the commodities industry with a focus on strategy and marketing. On the other hand he is building and managing a portfolio of worldwide and upcoming start-up companies as an angel- and venture capital investor.

Eric Sarasin

Eric Sarasin has a 30-year track record in Banking at Morgan Guarantee, Pictet & Cie, Citibank N.A., and Bank Sarasin. For 27 years at Bank Sarasin he held various senior leadership positions and developed the formerly family-owned bank into a leading private bank of Switzerland, culminating in his role as Group Deputy CEO of Bank J. Safra Sarasin (after the sale of the bank to the Safra family in 2012). Eric is a graduate of Babson College, and the Swiss Finance Institute. He is Chairman of the Singularity Group, Q-Brands, and Gambio. He is on the board of 1875 Finance and Swiss Startup Group, and Chair of TIGER21 Switzerland. During his career, Eric held many public, non-private and cultural leadership roles including 12 years as the President of the Swiss-German Chamber of Commerce, and today as President of the Cancer League of Basel, Gertrude von Meissner Foundation, the Paul Jenni Foundation, the MyHandicap Foundation, the Redsands Venture, and Human Rights Watch.

Jana Plananska
Expert and Independent Consultant, Electric and Smart Mobility

Jana is an expert and independent consultant in the management of electric and smart mobility. Jana obtained PhD in Busines Administration at the University of St.Gallen in Switzerland. In her PhD Thesis she analysed consumer adoption of electric vehicles. Jana has consequently founded her own consulting company, advising clients on solutions for electric and smart mobility. Among others, she specialises on sustainable battery value chain, consumer adoption and behaviour, digitalisation and automation. Before her PhD, Jana obtained double Master Degree in international development and political science from Sciences Po Paris and the University of St.Gallen. Jana has extensive knowledge of diplomacy, analytical work and project management for clean transport and energy. She has gained this experience through her engagement with the institutions such as the University of Oxford, UNESCO, EU or the World Bank.

Beat Kaelin
Chief Sustainability Advisor

Beat is a Swiss expert in Nature and the Environment with a Swiss federal certification. He has also had the experience of managing this skill set in the corporate environment, by building his own asset management company and focussing among others on sustainability which he subsequently sold to AIG. Until the end of 2021 he served as president of WWF Canton of Zurich.

David Wurmser

Dr. David Wurmser, has been the executive and founding member of the Delphi Global Analysis Group, LLC – a firm specializing in geopolitical risk analysis and mitigation for companies from the United States, Europe, Japan and India operating in the infrastructure, raw materials, energy, high-tech, defense and financial sectors. Among others, Delphi was the primary contractor advising Nobel in political risk and strategy for over a decade to help Nobel Energy (now Mobil) navigate its transformative situation in Israel from 2009 until 2020. David was also the senior advisor to the U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney on Middle East, proliferation and strategic affairs and to Under Secretary of State John Bolton. He further founded the Middle East studies program at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) where he published several articles on geo-political and geo-strategic topics. David holds a B.A. (political science), M.A. (international affairs and international economics) and a Ph.D. (on U.S. foreign policy and Middle East affairs) from the Johns Hopkins University.

Andreas Sarasin

Andreas Sarasin studied economics (lic.rer.pol.) in Basel before joining Bank Sarasin in 1982. Until 2007, he held various management positions at the bank, becoming a member of the Executive Committee in 1991 and a partner of Bank Sarasin in 1993. As Head of Logistics, he was responsible for the bank’s infrastructure worldwide. As Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank Sarasin Europe Sarasin Luxembourg and member of the Board of Directors, Sarasin Investment Management SA London, Bank Sarasin-Rabo Asia and Bank Sarasin Ltd Guernsey, he had global insights into asset management. Since 2007 Andreas Sarasin has been working as an independent advisor and financier of startups in different sectors and sizes. Thereby the strategic orientation and the company infrastructure is the core of his support of the mostly young companies. In this context, he is currently active on various boards of directors. For example, he is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Trafina Privatbank and a member of the Boards of Directors of Whitebox AG, Uniqfeed AG and E3CSS AG.

Building connections

Norge Mining’s in-house expertise is complemented by best-in-class partners including internationally recognised mining, sustainability, strategy and communications consultants. Some of these partners are listed below.

Affiliation: Membership

European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA) aims to make Europe economically more resilient by diversifying its supply chains, creating jobs, attracting investments to the raw materials value chain, fostering innovation, training young talents and contributing to the best enabling framework for raw materials and the Circular Economy worldwide.

Affiliation: Partner

SRK is an independent, international consultancy providing focused advice and solutions to clients, mainly in the earth and water resource industries. For mining projects, SRK offers services from exploration to mine closure. It’s specialists are leaders in fields such as due diligence, technical studies, mine waste and water management, permitting, and mine rehabilitation.

Affiliation: Partner

Magma UNESCO Global Geopark is a geographic area with a geology that has a major international importance, recognized by UNESCO, and where sustainable development plays an important role. Magma geopark is in a network of more than 140 UNESCO Global Geoparks in about 40 different countries on 5 continents and their representatives meet regularly. Although the background for a geopark is geology, really it’s all about the people – both locals and tourists, who are willing to explore, experience and share the vast possibilities of the natural and cultural attractions in the geopark!

Affiliation: Partner

Buchanan is a London-based business communications consultancy focused on media, investor and stakeholder relations along with ESG and design. Since 1997, Buchanan has been part of WPP plc, one of the world’s largest communications and advertising services businesses

Affiliation: Partner

Energold is a leading, global specialty drilling company. It operates 134 exploration drill rigs and has a worldwide presence with operations in Norway, Europe, Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, and the Middle East.

Affiliation: Partner

HCF International Advisers Limited is a leading independent corporate finance advisory boutique focused on the global natural resources and infrastructure sectors. It provides strategic and financial advice to companies and financial institutions across the complete life cycle of their projects.

Affiliation: Partner

Nijsen & Partner AG is a Swiss-based consultancy for integral management and leadership systems. The focus is on quality management, environmental management and work health and safety management. Clients from a wide range of industries benefit from proven solutions with great added value.

Affiliation: Partner

The ICCF Group advances conservation by building political will within legislatures and among local political decision makers for better conservation of natural resources and in particular the management of protected areas. Its international track record in legislative outcomes, public-private partnerships, and land management demonstrates that its unique model is a cost-effective, sustainable tool to improve conservation governance.

Affiliation: Partner

TFI is the voice of the fertilizer industry, representing the public policy, communication, stewardship and sustainability and market intelligence needs of fertilizer producers, wholesalers and retailers as well as the businesses that support them with goods and services.

Aligning with global ambitions

Given the worldwide significance of our assets in Norway, we are using global principles to guide our operations. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are an array of criteria against which every organisation can be measured. Of the 17 goals, there are at least seven with specific relevance to us. Below are these particular SDGs and how we pledge allegiance and align with to each one.


We aim to contribute to energy storage solutions for the world, with a large continuous supply of vanadium.

There is no affordable clean energy without viable storage capacity for renewables. V-flow batteries will play a vital role in our circular economies of the future. They are non-flammable, compact, reusable over semi-infinite cycles and have a lifespan of more than 20 years. We are excited to be a part of helping bring them to the world.

Our Pledge


Norway is a pro-mining country. As it diversifies from oil and gas, it’s looking to its other natural resources for income – and we are proud to be leading the charge on investigating vital minerals and metals in the region. All our work is carried out in a mindful way, that’s respectful to the surrounding people and the land.

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Our Pledge

As we support new industrial developments in Norway, we are part of an innovative revolution in green mining.

We are proving that mining can be clean and green, thanks to innovative ways of extracting materials from the ground with minimal impact on the land. We are also helping fuel a new industry in Norway, creating infrastructure for the economic benefit of its people and entirely new ways of exploring minerals that will propel our sustainable revolution forward.

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Our Pledge


We are investigating what we understand to be vast deposits of vanadium and phosphorus in Norway. These EU ‘Critical Raw Materials’ are needed for our lower carbon transition. Phosphate fertilisers provide a more natural way to help feed the world, while vanadium batteries are powerhouses when it comes to renewable energy storage.


By making phosphate and vanadium more readily available, we can help to build a more sustainable world.

Nitrogen-based fertilisers trigger the release of nitrous oxide (N2O) – a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. It’s particularly potent as it’s over 300 times more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. While lithium-ion batteries contain toxic heavy metals and are hard to recycle. They are part of a chain of irresponsible consumption and production. Natural phosphate fertilisers and long-lasting vanadium batteries help solve these conundrums.

Our Pledge


Climate action is at the heart of what we do. We are investigating raw minerals that are on the European Union’s Critical Raw Material list, because they are vital to our greener future, but their supply is at risk. Vanadium batteries will be able to store the vast quantities of renewable energy – needed in the move away from carbon. While phosphate fertilisers are the most natural way to feed our ever-growing global population.

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Our Pledge

We commit to minimising our operational impacts whilst preserving, protecting and restoring the environment that we affect.

While we need to drill holes in the ground to extract Critical Raw Materials needed for a greener future, we will also invest in a renaturation programme and no chemicals will be used in our investigations. We will also minimise any impact to the land and its biodiversity, by carrying out extensive aero-magnetic surveys before we go underground. We are in touch with the local green party and all surrounding communities.

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